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Complete body analysis.
Discover all the essential indicators of your health.

Discover your metabolic age, muscle mass, fat tissue, and all other essential indicators of your health, fitness, and nutrition status. Set goals, increase motivation, and track progress.

Complete body analysis - Tanita
  • Find out the state of your health and assessment of your physical condition

  • Gain awareness of the amount of body fat and muscle mass

  • Set appropriate goals. Achieve desired results through sports

Complete body analysis

Why are exercise results not showing?

Increasingly, people worldwide recognize the importance of caring for their health and fitness. However, results are often lacking. Many face uncertainty and questions such as:

  • Why am I not losing weight despite intense workouts?

  • Why are the desired results not showing?

  • Am I exercising in the correct manner?

  • Is it possible that exercise is doing more harm than good?

Situations like these often lead to frustration and lack of motivation. But don't worry, there is a solution.

You deserve to know the current state of your health: your metabolic age, fitness level, amount of muscle mass and fat tissue, and all other key indicators that will answer your question:

Are you engaging in sports in a correct, safe, and effective way?

3 simple steps

towards correct and safe sports engagement

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Book an appointment online or by phone

In less than 1 minute secure your appointment, choosing the time that best fits your daily schedule. The easiest way is through online booking.

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Perform an analysis of your health and fitness status

An analysis using our clinical device Tanita MC-780MA P takes less than half a minute. It reveals all key indicators of your health, fitness, and nutrition status.

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Discover how to finally achieve desired results

Based on our experience and analysis results, we will guide you on how to engage in sports correctly, set goals, and achieve the desired results.

In less than half a minute, achieve the most detailed analysis of your health and fitness

Our clinical device Tanita MC-780MA P is certified for medical use. It measures weight up to 270 kg (increments of 100 grams). With measurements at 3 frequencies, it analyzes body composition in just 20 seconds for individuals aged 5 to 99 years. Special settings are applied for non-athletes and athletes.

Whole body analysis:

  • weight (kg)

  • body fat (%)

  • body fat (kg)

  • muscle mass (kg)

  • percentage of muscle mass in total body weight (%)

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)

  • bone mass (kg)

  • metabolic age (adults aged 18-99 years)

  • basal metabolic rate (BMR) (kcal, kJ)

  • basal metabolic rate (BMR) (kcal, kJ)

  • total body water (TBW) (kg)

  • percentage of total body weight that is water (%)

  • extracellular water (ECW) (kg)

  • intracellular water (ICW) (kg)

  • ECW/TBW ratio (%)

  • possibility to set target values for body fat

Segmental body composition analysis:

  • muscle mass by segments (kg)

  • assessment of muscle mass by segments

  • body fat percentage by segments (%)

  • body fat by segments (kg)

  • assessment of body fat by segments

  • impedance (Ω) by segments

  • impedance (Ω) by segments

Body condition assessment:

  • assessment of physical condition

  • assessment of leg muscles

  • assessment of arm muscles

  • distribution of body fat

Would you like to discover all key indicators of your health status?

Clear up any uncertainties about weight regulation issues, fitness and nutrition status, and the absence of desired sports performance results.

Body composition analysis with Tanita MC-780-N analyzer

  • Discover Your health status, metabolic age, and physical fitness assessment.

  • Gain awareness of Your body fat and muscle mass levels.

  • Set appropriate goals. Achieve desired sports performance results.

Examination price: 10 €

Full body analysis - Tanita

During the journey towards better health and fitness, challenges and moments of uncertainty may arise. Let frustrations due to lack of sports performance results no longer be part of your daily life.