Influenza vaccination

Combat the flu without the inconvenience of sick days and distressing symptoms. Get vaccinated in time.

Let this winter be free from the discomfort of body aches, elevated body temperature, persistent fatigue, and other flu-related symptoms.

Influenza vaccination
  • Boost your immunity

  • Protect yourself and your loved ones

  • Without crowds and unnecessary waiting

Flu season is upon us.
Protect yourself in time.

Flu season is knocking on our doors once again. The flu virus is not picky - anyone, regardless of age or general health, can become its next target.

Thanks to its exceptional adaptability and constant mutations, the flu virus discovers new ways each year to challenge our immune system.

Flu symptoms, such as high body temperature, cough, and fatigue, can significantly limit our daily activities, work responsibilities, and social life.

However, there is a solution - vaccination provides the most effective defense against this persistent virus, protecting not only you, but also your family, friends and colleagues.

Why do people give up on vaccination at their general practitioner's office?

  • Unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming appointment scheduling process.

  • Vaccination requires waiting in the waiting room with sick individuals, which exposes them to the risk of contracting another illness.

You deserve the possibility of getting a flu vaccination without a complicated scheduling process, unnecessary waiting, and being in the waiting room with sick individuals.

3 simple steps

to a flu-free winter

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Schedule online or by phone

In less than 1 minute, reserve an appointment that best suits your daily schedule.

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Get vaccinated

Our team will be ready as soon as you arrive. Your safety is our top priority: first, we will record all necessary information (medical history or allergies), and then proceed with the vaccination.

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Enjoy a flu-free winter

Let these winter months be filled with pleasant moments without the fear of the flu.

In the event of a possible allergic reaction, a 15-minute waiting period is required. Take this time to relax in the comfortable and modern surroundings of our facility.

Instructions for the flu vaccination can be downloaded here.

Do you want to protect yourself from the flu?

Get vaccinated against the flu in the pleasant atmosphere of the Prima Nova institution

We offer vaccination services using the most commonly used quadrivalent vaccine, commercially known as VAXIGRIP TETRA, manufactured by SANOFI PASTEUR, FRANCE. Our experienced team administers the vaccination, which is practically painless, and the entire process takes just a few minutes instead of hours.

Individual vaccination (for a natural person)

  • Without crowds and unnecessary waiting

  • Vaccination price: 15 €

Book online (0-24):

Book via phone (07-15h):

Employee vaccination

Vaccinating your workforce at our facility
  • Without crowds and unnecessary waiting

  • Vaccination price: 15 €

On-Site workplace vaccination
  • For a group of employees, we can arrange on-site vaccination at your company's premises.

Schedule your vaccination via email:

Schedule your vaccination via phone (07-15h):

This season, don't let the flu get in your way. Instead of high body temperature, coughing, and fatigue, let this winter be filled with good health, pleasant company, laughter and fun in the snow.