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Occupational medicine – Croatian Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) contracting partner

Occupational medicine as a discipline developed in the 17th century, but the need for it has existed since humanity and work. It deals with preventive examinations, occupational disease diagnostics, work-related illnesses, and work ability assessments. Do you know what the Law on Occupational Safety determines and if your company meets all the conditions required by law? Are you sure you are not infringing the law?

The first step is the obligation of each employer to assess the risk in the workplace. Small and medium-sized business owners can also make this assessment themselves, which is the first document that any inspection will require in your business.

Occupational health specialists at the Nemetova-Prima Institution who participate in health examinations have the necessary licences or permits for independent work. The Nemetova-Prima Institution is a contracting entity of the CHIF.

Do you know what conditions you must meet to avoid paying the penalty?

  • All legal entities are required to implement an occupational safety and health system regardless of the number of employees
  • Your employees must undergo a medical examination for occupational health if they are hiring for a workplace with special conditions
  • A medical examination is required for jobs with a computer
  • Employers who do not change their working conditions after the fine can be fined twice as much, and in severe cases may lose their work permit

Why choose Nemetova-Prima Institution:

  • Our expert staff will be ready to answer all your questions and make it easy for you to manage all regulations and procedures
  • In our examinations, we are professional and efficient, thus you may tell us all the problems you have in the workplace so that we can work together to find solutions in the interest of employee health and workflow in the company
  • We have adjusted the prices to make them accessible to everyone
  • We are highly organized, so we do not have long waiting times
  • You can find out everything you want to know about occupational health and safety from us
  • Certification of our quality is ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificate for an organization in occupational health

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