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Medical examinations for court experts

Quick, simple, and stress-free: from registration to certification in the shortest possible time.

Medical examination for court experts
  • Your appointment awaits you the same or next working day

  • From registration to certification without crowds and waiting

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Hearing Test
Hearing Test

What is required to bring and how to prepare for a medical examination?

  • Personal identification card

  • Glasses or contact lenses if you have a prescription

  • Health status certificate issued by a family medicine doctor, not older than 30 days

  • Medical documentation/reports (from relevant specialists in medicine) if you suffer from any diseases/conditions

  • Fasting is required

    Do not consume any food or drink (except water) within a time frame of 6 to 8 hours before sample collection. Ensure that you take any medications you regularly use.

Eye Exam

What does the medical examination include?

  • Laboratory blood and urine analysis

  • EKG

  • Spirometry

  • Hearing test

  • Targeted ophthalmologist examination – biomicroscopic examination of the lens

  • Psychological testing (during the initial examination)

  • Examination by an occupational medicine specialist

Eye Exam