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Medical examination for enrolment in high schools and colleges


  • Ispit za upis u srednje škole i fakultete: 30 EUR / 226,04 kn
  • Ispit za buduće vozače motornih vozila, inženjere elektrotehnike, tehničare mehatronike i zrakoplovne tehničare (ZIM, IRE, ZP): 30 EUR / 226,04 kn
  • Iznos u eurima izražen je fiksnim tečajem 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK


  • Kompletan pregled za upis na KIF: 40 EUR / 301,38 kn
  • Obavezno ponesite KIF obrazac ( dostupan ovdje ) na pregled i potvrdu izabranog doktora medicine o Vašem zdravstvenom stanju.
  • Iznos u eurima izražen je fiksnim tečajem 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK

Choosing a high school and college is a big life decision. Knowing your values, interests, and abilities is not an easy task, but it is essential in the process of making such an important decision as choosing a profession.

When choosing a profession, it is important to think about what you like to do so that you chose a profession that you actually like, and that goes for choosing a high school and a college. Work life spans 40 years and it would be ideal to be able to do what we love and can do.

Before enrolling in high school, we advise you to look at the “Comprehensive List of Health Contraindications to Secondary Education Programs” issued by the Ministry of Science, Education, and Sports, which we enclose below.

A comprehensive list of high school health contraindications can be downloaded here: Document

Before enrolling in a vocational high school or college, a medical examination with an occupational medicine specialist is required. At PRIMA NOVA Institution you can have a health check-up quickly, professionally and in one day.

Required documentation:

  • Medical certificate from a family physician not older than one month (medical records excerpt about previous health conditions)
  • Medical documentation/findings (of competent medical specialists) if you are suffering from any diseases or conditions

What does a medical examination contain?

  • Examination for KIF enrolment: family, personal, work and sports history, clinical examination, resting ECG, spirometry, laboratory tests of CBC, A blood glucose test, urine, and additional diagnostic tests according to the indication

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