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Health screening for exposed workers and persons trained to work with ionizing radiation sources

  • Pregled za rad u zoni ionizirajućeg zračenja (prethodni pregled): 80 EUR / 602,76 kn
  • Pregled za rad u zoni ionizirajućeg zračenja (redovni pregled): 50 EUR / 376,73 kn
  • Iznos u eurima izražen je fiksnim tečajem 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK

First Examination

  • Medical records/findings in case of illness/condition that could be a health contraindication to work with sources or in the area of ​​sources with ionizing radiation (bring with you to the examination)
  • a certificate of the health status of a family medicine doctor not older than one month
    (bring with you for examination)

Extension of medical fitness

  • medical records/medical records (sick leave) since the last examination with an excerpt from the medical record – certificate of the medical status of the doctor of family medicine not older than one month
    (bring with you for examination)

What does a medical examination include?

Examination for work in the ionizing radiation zone: laboratory tests for blood and urine, ECG, spirometry, hearing screening, targeted eye examination – biomicroscopic examination of the lens, psychological testing (at the first examination) and specialist medical examination

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